Andrew Tate Top G Official Merchandise

Top G Exclusive is a collectible line of limited edition merchandise specifically designed to curate the Top G Fanbase for only the most competitive of fans.

Each Top G Exclusive Merch item is a limited edition, with each new one being released on an undisclosed schedule in order to make possession of Top G Exclusive Merch that much more difficult.

What happened to Hustlers University?

Hustlers University was a massively successful money-making platform that thrived with over 150,000 students in the heart of the matrix.

Now, Step 2 is The Real World.

And what is it about?


We offer you the chance to join us and break free from the Matrix in an entirely new and independent platform.

We call this place The Real World, a safe harbor for ambitious individuals aspiring for financial freedom and eager to learn from us.

How to Join Hustlers University

While Hustlers University may be gone, 

You can still find all of the knowledge and resources in addition to our new methods inside The Real World.

You can learn more and join The Real World from the official website at